How it Works

Each month, you will see that there are three different challenges.

  • Cash Envelope Savings Challenge
  • General Savings Challenge
  • Children's Savings Challenge

The cash envelope savings challenges will be geared to those who use cash envelopes, and these challenges will be around pulling money from your variable cash envelopes throughout the month to put towards savings. You are provided a horizontal savings cash envelope for each month to use for your cash savings challenge.

The general savings challenge is geared toward those who are cashless or cash envelope users. These challenges will be about cutting expenses, moving money to savings from your checking account, and challenging yourself to save money in your variable budget categories.

The children’s challenge will be geared towards children of a wide variety of ages, as it can easily be tweaked to fit your family’s wants and needs.

For each challenge, you will be provided instruction worksheets, tracker worksheets to track your savings throughout the month, cash envelopes, and any other printable that is necessary for the challenge.

These challenges are yours forever, and you can repeat, tweak, or do them out of order as much as you would like! I will be also participating in the savings challenges in order and would love if you participated with me.

Happy Savings! I am so excited to see your success with this course!

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