Jolly Cash Envelope January

Jolly Cash Envelope January

This cash envelope challenge is all about an alphabet key and a 5-letter word. Here's how it works:

  • Pick one 5-letter word. In the spirit of the January challenge, I will be using the word JOLLY.
  • Use the alphabet key provided on this worksheet to save the dollar amount corresponding to the five letters in your word. Save that amount every Friday.
  • For example, my word is JOLLY. Using the key below: 

J ($10) | O ($15) | L ($12) | L ($12) | Y ($25)

  • I would save $10 the first Friday in January, $15 the next Friday, etc. Take the amount you are supposed to save and put it in your January Cash Savings Envelope.
  • For example, by the end of the month using my word JOLLY, I will have saved $74 from my cash envelopes.
  • You can pull the cash from any envelope.
  • If you feel the savings amounts are too small, double the number.

Jolly Cash Savings Challenge Instructions.pdf
January Cash Savings Envelope.pdf
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